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Newbury Park

Welcome to NewburyPark.com. Newbury Park, California is a large residential community within Thousand Oaks, CA. This site is intended those of us that live in, or have lived, or want to live here in our beautiful community.  Some of the features include searches and listing for businesses, restaurants, education, and religion.  Not sure what to do in Newbury Park? See the Things to Do page.  Having a yard sale? Go a head and let us know.

Community Groups

NewburyPark.com now has groups that you can join, or create to keep up with the news and events that you’re interested in.  Post links, videos, pictures, and the latest news.  Don’t see a group? Go ahead and create one. Creating a group is simple.  You become the admin for the group and can send invites to others to join.  You can allow or disallow other members from joining and adding to your group.  Groups are designed to share information with it’s members.

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Future Features

Some members have already come up with some great feature suggestions.  Soon the site will include pages for local classifieds, employment, sports and events, historical pictures and videos.  Soon we’ll be able to provide @NewburyPark.com email address to our members.  Register today and we’ll keep you posted in our newsletters.


Got questions or suggestions? Send us an email.

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    Life in Newbury Park

    The "Life in Newbury Park" is a public group for anyone that lives in or has lived in Newbury Park, CA. Share photos, thoughts or concerns, have fun, keep it clean so that all can enjoy. Please avoid political, racial, slander, or religious stuff. All other groups are private.


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